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Phase II: RSK Integration for Enhanced Smart Contract Functionality

Integration with Rootstock (RSK)

Introduce advanced smart contract functionalities into the BitStable protocol. The integration with RSK is pivotal as it brings Ethereum-like smart contract capabilities to the Bitcoin-based DAII. This allows for the development of complex, decentralized financial instruments and automated governance processes, enhancing the protocol’s functionality while maintaining the inherent security of the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • Similar to how MakerDAO utilizes a series of smart contracts for automation and security, BitStable plans to leverage RSK’s Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform. This integration will enable the creation of sophisticated, automated financial contracts and protocols within the BitStable ecosystem.

  • The deployment on RSK will involve establishing a series of interconnected smart contracts. These contracts will manage various aspects of the DAII stablecoin, such as collateralization, issuance, redemption, and governance. By adopting a structure akin to MakerDAO's, BitStable ensures a high degree of automation, security, and transparency in its operations.

Phase III: Taproot Integration for Enhanced Functionality and Privacy

Integration with Taproot

Taproot consolidates multiple digital signatures, which enhances network efficiency and transaction privacy. This integration will make DAII transactions more efficient and less distinguishable, aligning with Bitcoin's core principles of self-sovereignty and security​​.The introduction of Taproot signifies a major development for executing smart contracts on Bitcoin’s blockchain. This advancement addresses previous scalability challenges and opens up opportunities for more complex and scalable financial applications within the BitStable ecosystem​​. Leverage the Taproot upgrade to enhance the efficiency, privacy, and smart contract capabilities of the DAII transactions on the Bitcoin network.

  • BitStable plans to integrate the advancements brought by the Taproot upgrade, specifically focusing on the improved efficiency and privacy features, as well as the enhanced smart contract capabilities that Taproot introduces to the Bitcoin blockchain.

  • BitStable will incorporate Taproot’s Schnorr signatures to enhance the DAII transaction structure, making it more space-efficient and cost-effective.

  • The protocol will utilize Taproot's Merkelized Alternative Script Trees (MAST) and Pay-to-Taproot (P2TR) capabilities to allow for more versatile and private transaction options for DAII​​​​.

  • The integration will also explore the potential of Taproot in facilitating complex smart contract operations, leveraging its enhanced scripting capabilities (Tapscript) for more advanced financial instruments on the Bitcoin blockchain

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