Core Module

DAII Minting and Burning Mechanism: Implement a system to mint DAII on the Bitcoin blockchain and burn it for the redemption of ETH DAII via the bridge.

Collateral Management: Include a mechanism to manage and track collateral assets used for minting DAII, ensuring over-collateralization to maintain stability.

Staking Rewards Distribution: Develop a process to distribute BSSB staking rewards to DAII stakers, possibly through periodic calculations and manual or semi-automated distribution, since smart contracts are not an option.

Cross-Chain Bridge Monitoring: Establish a monitoring system to oversee the cross-chain bridge operations, ensuring the 1:1 redemption process functions smoothly and securely.

Governance Integration: Enable governance decisions to influence core module operations, such as adjusting parameters for minting, burning, and staking, through a manual or semi-automated system, given the lack of smart contract functionality.

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