BSSB Module

Governance Component

BSSB Token Voting: BSSB token holders are empowered to participate in decision-making processes, with each token representing a vote.

Proposal Mechanism: Stakeholders can submit proposals for changes or enhancements to the BitStable protocol.

Execution of Decisions: Implement a secure, transparent system for voting and executing governance decisions.

Governance Security Features: Include mechanisms to enhance security, such as delay periods before implementing major decisions.

  1. Community Engagement: Foster active community involvement in governance.

  2. Governance Interface: Develop a user-friendly platform for stakeholders to engage with governance activities.

  3. Transparency and Reporting: Ensure regular updates and reports on governance activities for accountability.

  4. Incentives for Participation: Introduce rewards for active governance participants.

  5. Adaptive Governance Framework: Allow for the evolution of the governance model based on community feedback and ecosystem needs.

Stabilizer Component

Dual-Token System: Utilize a two-token system comprising DAII, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, and BSSB, a governance token.

DAII Generation: Enable DAII creation by collateralizing approved assets, starting with 'ordi'.

Cross-Chain Functionality: Bridge a portion of DAII to Ethereum for enhanced economic activities.

Over-Collateralization Requirement: Ensure the value of collateral exceeds the DAII minted to mitigate volatility risks.

DAII Burning Mechanism: Allow users to retrieve collateral by burning equivalent DAII, maintaining DAII's stability and balance.

Staking and Incentives: Introduce mechanisms for staking DAII and BSSB, with incentives and mining boosts, subject to a lock-in period.

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