BitStable Technical Docs

The BitStable Protocol is the platform through which anyone, anywhere can generate the DAII stablecoin against bitcoin ecosystem collateral assets. Learn how it works.

BitStable is a pioneering decentralized asset protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain, offering a unique framework for the creation, trade, and management of synthetic assets. It enhances asset liquidity on the Bitcoin chain through a dual-token system and a cross-chain compatible structure. This documentation provides an in-depth overview of the BitStable protocol, its components, and functionalities.


  • Stable and Secure: DAII is a stablecoin that derives its value and stability from the robustness of Bitcoin ecosystem assets: BRC20, RSK and the lightning network.

  • Purpose: Serves as a medium of stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market, making it a reliable asset for trade and investment.

  • Cross-Chain Utility: With its cross-chain capabilities, DAII not only benefits Bitcoin users but also brings the Ethereum community into the fold, fostering a more interconnected and fluid blockchain ecosystem.


  • Governance and Involvement: As the governance token of BitStable, BSSB empowers its holders with decision-making authority, ensuring that the protocol evolves in a direction shaped by its community.

  • Empowerment and Earnings: Holding BSSB is not just about governance; it's also about being a part of BitStable’s growth, sharing in its successes through dividends and other financial incentives.

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